1. Squoosh CLI

    The squoosh CLI is a great way to compress images easily and it pairs with the web interface beautifully. Try it out!

  2. Restoring MongoDB snapshots backed by EFS

    I couldn't find much information about how to do this easily in my original searches so here are my trials and tribulations for restoring a mongodb snapshot when stored on AWS EFS.

  3. Enter the Matrix

    The Matrix protocol seems like a great way to set up some secure, federated chat networks. Here I dive into the ecosystem and get a server set up.

  4. Incongruence in software development teams

    In David Epstein's book, Range, he outlines the hazards that sticking to the congruence doctrine oft-taught in business schools can surface. Tech companies are just as susceptible to this as any other, here I reflect on some ways that might encourage incongruence as part of our daily engineering practices.

  5. Free School Meals Map

    In 2018-19, 30% of UK children were in poverty. Over the autumn half term this year, even more children than normal were affected by school closures and families struggling to make ends meet as a result of the pandemic. I spent a weekend trying to help a little by making a straightforward, informative map of the places offering free meals to those in need.

  6. I Misunderstood Job Titles

    Over the past year, I've found my attitude towards job titles has shifted. If you're like I was about a year ago, you might be largely neglecting trying to secure another job title. This post might convince you why job titles are important in the average workplace and why you should be paying more attention to them than you are. It will, at least, serve as a reminder for me in the future should I ever forget.

  7. Mind

    A new tool for an Extended Mind that I've been cooking up over the past few months.

  8. Write As

    Find more posts on

  9. Oscillations

    This short post is a small summary of some thoughts I've been having on oscillations and how staggeringly important they are.

  10. Some Time For Reflection

    I recently quit my job for a while, this is a record for my future self and others about how it went. I'm sure that one day I'll look back on it and discover things that I didn't understand at the time.

  11. Serverless & Feather

    The featherless framework is a well-used express framework for all manner of things. I recently explored combining this with a serverless deployment.