First, a bit of orientation

I had a bit of a problem. I was looking for my next job, but I was struggling to articulate why I would suit a given role. No matter how I personalised my CV for a particular audience, no matter how vague or precise a particular job description was, I always had to reduce my experience to a set of job titles.

So, here we are. This is my ongoing attempt at making a CV more informative to a wider range of audiences. In it, you'll find a number of sections that take you through my motivations, aspirations and achievements. Whatever questions you might have about my background, you should be able to answer them here.

It will be continually updated as my life continues and my exploration into how this CV should look continues, so check back again in a while if you think it's not doing its job yet.

What makes me tick

There are two things that I have been drawn to throughout my life:

  1. investigating, understanding and solving problems
  2. technology

This lends itself quite nicely to a career in software. I love talking to people and getting to the root of their problems. I love understanding complex systems and applying that to people's problems to find a simple, elegant solution. I love being part of a highly-functioning team with a clear vision. I also thoroughly enjoy learning, teaching and being part of a vibrant community.

I whole-heartedly believe that technology exists to make our lives that little bit more worth living. Most of the time we focus on how it can "increase efficiency", "decrease overhead" or "foster innovation". That's not what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I'm in for the tools that save parents time so they can spend it with their children, the ones that give a voice to the voiceless, the ones that bring us a little closer together so that we might understand and empathise with each other.

To understand a bit more about how I'm trying to shoot for that vision, have a look at the how section.