By now I hope you have a good understanding of why I work. This page should give you a better understanding of how I try to enact those values.

A good team is everything.

Without a doubt, a good team is everything. It is the difference between spending most of your waking life driven and fulfilled or spending it disengaged and apathetic.

A good team requires trust, understanding and a shared purpose. I try to bring that to the table when I am part of any team. I try to approach every situation with authenticity, empathy and curiosity (I'm a big fan of a well run retrospective.)

It's about problems, not solutions.

Whenever possible, I believe in setting goals, not tasks. When there's a goal I will work tirelessly until the team achieves it. A defined role or a particular solution is less important to me than achieving those goals.

My life as a physicist moulded my brain in a certain way that I will never be able to shake. Understanding how a system works and fits together is my forté and I use that to help design the simplest solution possible. This usually manifests itself in the form of lots of questions, lots of diagrams. and lots of small iterations.

Design inclusively, test thoroughly.

Good design is the bedrock of a great product. There's no way around it. I am particularly interested in the design of systems, though a general design interest pervades everything I do. This can range from the design of a door handle to UX to cloud native architectures.

I thoroughly believe that inclusive design is the only way forwards. It is our duty as designers to make sure that the things that we breath into life are made for all humans, not just those that fit the tip of the bell curve.

That said, design is nothing without the validation of any hypothesis it is based upon. Thorough testing is the key to building something exceptional, truer in software than anywhere else. Our ability to rapidly increment and improve designs is wholly provided by cheap testing which makes it an essential ingredient to any great software product.

These are just some of the qualities that I bring to a team. I hope you, the reader, values them. If you're interested in specifics, head to the what page to find out more.