2022 W08

This week I’ve had my head down getting a load of work over the line and out the door. It’s gone pretty well!


Something that I didn’t expect to be as fruitful as it has turned out to be was our recent switch away from Cypress and towards Playwright. We did this out of necessity at first as Cypress doesn’t support testing across domains. Along the way I’ve discovered a number of things that have really swung me towards Playwright in general. At the top is the speed. It’s phenomenally fast!

Second is the debugging experience. Cypress has a lovely re-playable interface that makes it easy to spot things as you step through the test retrospectively and I really thought that I’d miss this; in practice, I haven’t missed it at all. Whilst Playwright doesn’t offer such a nice retrospective analysis tool, it offers a great debugging experience overall through two mechanisms: the built-in debugging console and good-old-fashioned support for attaching a debugger. In VS Code, where our team does the majority of their work to take advantage of the great Typescript features out of the box, all it takes to granularly debug a test is to open up a debugging console and fire off the test that you’re interested in. This speeds up development no end.

Lastly, the small but subtle additions to the element selectors really make a big difference. The text selectors are a great example, as well as the ability to combine them with regular CSS selectors.


I had a lovely rainy Saturday morning playing with EdgeDB v1. I’m pretty excited about the potential that it has to shift the overton window on the standard of database tooling that is offered.

I wrote up some of my initial reactions yesterday.

CloudWatch Log Tailing

A small but very useful little snippet I managed to put together for tailing CloudWatch logs from the terminal. I always knew it was possible, I just was too lazy to make it happen. Since I was working on introducing better logging formats this week, now was the right time.

aws logs tail <log_group> --follow --log-stream-name-prefix <prefix> | cut -f 3- -d ' ' | jq '.'

An unresolved mystery

Something that didn’t go according to plan this week was an attempt to run the apoc.uuid.install procedure on a neo4j cluster running in AWS ECS.

There’s more about it on the official message board thread. I’d quite like to get to the bottom of this one!

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